“Is that a look of judgment?”

It’s late night. Still, I can’t sleep. I keep fidgeting, I close my eyes. Then I think of something and reach for my phone and scroll through it. Oh man, would I also like to create something that would make someone so interested. Maybe an app, or a comic. Better put it down, I might just be hurting my eyes. Welp, time for some shut eye, finally… Nope. I just remembered how I’m putting on some weight, hmm.. maybe taking up some sort of exercising wouldn’t hurt. Oh gosh, now the mess I made at my job last week keeps replaying.

Why Can’t You Just Turn Your Brain Off And Rest?

It’s not that difficult at all to imagine all the above scenario for most of us, actually. All of us are somehow prisoners in our own mental cage. I have had many a restless nights and even anxiety filled days. Here, I share what I have learned in regards to overthinking. I would like to delve even deeper, as I do not think I have even taken a full view of the tip of the iceberg.

At least my brows are getting some massage relief

Intrusive Thoughts Have Negative Connotations

Of course, there are happy memories as well. Acts of thoughtfulness, a very funny joke shared, just things going right😃 Yes, please, keep them coming! They are welcome anytime. A smile flashes suddenly on my face, I’ll gladly accept them. However, bad memories are here to stay for quite a while. And the mind likes to dwell more on the negative than the positive. That is a not so great fact. It’s just how we’re wired.

The Body’s Response To Overthinking

These negative thoughts are unquestionably stemming from the unconscious, we all know and realize this. They try to prevail, putting us in a constant fog of eeyorism. What I share are just anecdotes though, still, they are what people I know went through. A coworker developed insomnia, another one kept having flaring migraines. A relative started drinking to relax, has gained an insane amount of weight. I was so stressed at my previous job, one would think it was a high spec job from the amount of pressure I put on myself. Nope, it was a rather small hole-in-the-wall store. I could blame my job, but most of that was on me. Even as I recall in my writing right now, I’m having really bad memories pop up. *pop* *pop* I try to make them in bubbles and make them go away. *pop* Being on alert all the time was ultimately what made me look into dealing with negativity. Although my whining is at an all time high. What we went through, all are in accordance with the body’s defense mechanism; going with the flow, or repressing them.

Oh, Eeyore…

So Then, What Can Be Done?

It does speak volumes to the resilience of the body, how much we are struggling against it. Constantly working around the gloom and doom in the brain does mean not giving up. In that sense, I do congratulate the unperceived strength. Here are some things I’ve looked into and find helpful somewhat, when dealing with unwanted thoughts:

  • They are just thoughts. Repeat: they are just thoughts. Just. Thoughts.
  • Go with the flow.
  • I also find working out a good way to cope with inner thoughts. I would rather prioritize my physical health than indulging my crippling thoughts. Win-win!
  • Imagine them as bubbles. “Oh my finances” *pop* “Did the stranger notice me doing an ugly laugh?” *pop* Alternatively, dandelions or candles. “Why did I cry when my crush made fun of me?” *foo* Set yourself a rule that once popped, it’s time is done for now. Next time it happens is for another round of popping.
  • Get some chores done. When the thoughts creep in, you can go, “Oh, while I’m feeling sorry for myself, might as well finish reading this chapter. Or a laundry cycle.” An action for your thoughts may not work out, but you can get something done which will benefit you.
  • I’ve also heard of putting a roadblock on your thoughts. It’s not for me, repressing emotions never is healthy. That’s what it seems to me.

Sometimes, An Eeyore Can Lead To Something Good

But it all depends on your reaction following the thought. Oh, my wonderful brain. I can push out an article at least. It’s way past midnight, and now that it’s done, I can thank you. Lights off, let’s stare into the void. Total darkness. Haha, I know it’s just my brain playing tricks on me. You can’t fool me! But… is that a face staring back at me? Yikes!