Taking up sketching again

When you say or write your dreams out loud, some of them kind of sound stupid (to you) or make you laugh. The reason is because they’re dreams, and they’re what you haven’t yet moved towards. Because they’re so foreign. All the more reason to do it, no?

When I think of all the things I wanted to do in the past, I go, hmm, why didn’t I do it? By now I might have gotten a bit closer to it, even if just a little. More so than now. So much regrets.

This blog is more of a record to what extent I can learn stuff, with life anecdotes peppered in. All the advice I put out, it sounds like it’s actually directed to me…

For you, for me

When you dream, you’re making a mold of your current self and putting in experiences and skills you would like to have. Self improvement is something your future self will always thank you for.

My coworker: “If I become a multi millionaire, I’m going to adopt a ton of cats, take care of my nieces’ and just not work. At all.” And she is putting in work. By buying the weekly lottery.